Phra Kring Trilokachet (BE 2521)

Phra Kring Trilokachet (BE 2521)

This Phra Kring Tri Lokachet was consecrated by Luang Pu Toh, and was released in B.E. 2521. The amulet that I got came along with its original temple box which read on the box cover:

Phra Kring
Tri Lokachet
Produced at Wat Sutas
Dated 23 November B.E. 2521.

According to Brother Smoke, ‘Tri Lokachet’ is likely referring to the Ruler of 3 Realms. ‘Tri’ = Three (3), ‘Loka’ = Realm (Earth, Heaven and Hell), and ‘Chet’ probably refers to ruler/conqueror/victor.

*****Information from Red book (page 163)*****

Pra Kring “Tri Lokachet” B.E. 2521

– Use Pra Kring Nong Sae, the old Pra Kring to make the mould (phim).
Blessed for 3 times : 1st time at Wat Sutas with LP Toh in the blessing
ceremony, 2nd time at Wat Prasri Ratanamahathat Pitsanuloke Province, 3rd
time at Wat Pradochimpree by LP Toh himself.

– Numbers of production 318 pcs.
Pra Kring is red tone. At the bottom of Pra Kring was cut deep like a bottom of a bowl and this mould (pim) is called “Khon Tuay”. There are another lot of 99 pcs produced by Khun Pengyong, using the same mould (pim) + the rest of the holders (branch) of Pra Kring Tri Lokachet (1st batch). Therefore, the colour is black and the bottom of the amulet is flat. This batch is called “Than Riab” (flat base)

– Both moulds (pim)and both batches were stamped with water drop code at the
back of the pin located at the right of Pra Kring. Some amulets from pim “Khon Tuay” were written (in Bali) beautifully but some did not. However, every Pra Kring must be stamped. If no stamp, it is fake.

******Information from Blue book (cover showing Thai King helping LP Toh) (pg 114 – 115) *******

This batch of Pra Kring, KhunWichai Uthaisuthichit (Lim Krungthai) requested and approval from LP Toh to produce in order to give to the people who contribute to LP and to give to all friends, associates who pay respects to LP Toh.

Khun Wichai used Pra Kring Nong Sae (old Pra Kring) as the mould (pim). Ajarn Malee is the one who made the mould. Ceremony of pouring gold plates was done at Wat Sutas in B.E. 2521. The blessing had been done 3 times at Wat Sutas which was the big ceremony and LP Toh was present in the chanting.

The 2nd time was at Wat Prasri Ratanamahathat (Pra Budhachinarat) Pitsanuloke Province and the 3rd time LP Toh blessed them at Wat Pradochimpree by himself that lasted 3 hours.

This batch of Pra Kring is searched by people and collectors who know the history, but it is a pity that the number of production is only limited to 318 pcs. Khun Wichai donated some of the amulets to Wat Chang in Nakhon Nayoke Province in order to be given to people who contributed for the construction of the sanctuary according to whom Ajarn Nirun Tangwichit recommended. The rest of the amulets were distributed to all friends.

Pra Kring “Tri Lokachet” has beautiful characteristics. The pouring of gold plate was done neatly. The colour of the amulet is in red tone and the bottom of the amulet was cut deep like a bottom of a bowl called “Khon Tuay”

In the same ceremony, Khun Pracha Sriwinyanon (Pengyong) used the same mould of Pra Kring Lokachet to produce a batch of 99 pcs Pra Kring by adding the holders of Pra Kring Pengyong which kept by Khun Pracha + gold plate valued 5 Baht (5 x 15 gm). The colour of this batch is black and the bottom of the amulet is flat.

The Pra Kring Than Riab (flat base) had been divided into 4 parts. Two parts with Khun Wichai and 1 part each with Khun Pracha and Khun Kiatisak (Neng). The rest was distributed to friends at Baht 1,500 per amulet. The money had been contributed to merit.

Both batches of Pra Kring Lokachet would have water drop code similar to Bangkok Bank Logo stamped at the pin (located at the right of the amulet). If there is no such stamp, it is fake as there are some people copy the amulet to reproduce a mould for the fake amulet. So people who are interested in this amulet must be very cautious.


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